Stripe Integration Part 3 - retrieving a customer object

Following on from Part 2.

I have made a modification to the table listing customers featured in Part 2 and made the ID field a link as below

Where the string is the customer id

We will pass this to the API and retrieve a specific customer object

Again a simple API call will do the work

The customer id is passed as a GET variable as $_GET.cus


The API settings are pretty much identical to before, requiring a authorization in the header

On this occasion we post to a slightly different url as the customer if must be passed in the url

The url we will use is :{{$_GET.cus}} as the id must be passed in the url. See below curl example.


**NOTE: you may have an issue generating the schema for the API as $_GET.cus is undefined and an error will occur. To generate a schema paste a url with a valid customer id in it as shown in the above curl example into the Url field

image .

It should then be possible to generate the schema**

We can then use this server action to retrieve a specific customer object

showcustomer.php is a simple page to display the id, name and email address returned by the API call via a server connection


The page simply makes the call and the customer object is returned to app connect where the sdata objects are available in the picker.



Selecting the second in the list returns:details for that id


Of course you could retrieve the customer record via the database table. This would be useful when needing access to the records from a customer login
The user could login via the database table email and password and then the customer id returned form a data query.
This could them be passed as the parameter to the showcustomer.php type page

Part 4 following starts the payment process

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