A Personal Message to Those Arriving From Bubble

A big Hello and Welcome to all the people who have arrived here in the last few days from Bubble. I’m sorry that you have been forced into such a painful situation by the new Bubble pricing policy.

I moved from Bubble to Wappler in late 2019, when the first signs of Bubble price hikes emerged. I completely understand what you are all going through right now… that sense of betrayal, a fear about how your business will get through this, and deep concerns about making the right decision going forwards.

Some of you are realising that the move is not just a technological one, it is a cultural one too. I’ve felt some sadness to read the more challenging conversations that have emerged in the last few days.

I completely understand the nature of the vibe in both worlds, and that neither is perfect.

For me, moving to Wappler didn’t just involve learning technology, it also involved learning to be with the Wappler vibe.

Since I arrived here, I’ve primarily felt some of the biggest love and support I could imagine from this community. However, I’ve also experienced moments of frustration at the kind of replies I’ve received. I’ve had to learn to live with the latter, and not let it trigger me into responses I’d regret. It is just another part of the learning curve… a personal journey of accepting people for the way they are, as well as a technological journey with a new product.

I’m so glad I managed to do that… I’ve developed an amazing product with Wappler, and I cannot imagine working with any other toolset that is so capable, developing so rapidly, or so wonderfully supported for those who can find their way with the Wappler vibe.

I’m really excited to see all the Bubblers rocking up here in the last few days, and I sincerely hope most of you choose to move forwards with Wappler… I feel confident it will be a choice you don’t regret.

Best wishes,

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