Bubblers, please start here

Hey guys. I’m a 7-year Bubble expert, building client projects full time today. I’ve played with a lot of other tools including Wappler over the years, just in case Bubble pulls the rug, which they’ve now done.

One thing I learned from Wappler, and I can’t stress this enough, is that we have no future if we don’t learn the basics of web development and we continue to rely on fully nocode platforms. There are basic principles and concepts that we’re missing that make our projects the equivalent of EDM compared to Mozart.

In any case, I guarantee you won’t understand Wappler (and rightly so) until you’ve finished the three free courses from Codecademy: HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics. They also have courses about setting up localhost servers for your website and using VScode but I can’t remember if they’re free. I’ve done these courses and it’s like Kimmy Schmitt leaving the bunker, or Neo taking the red pill, or insert your pop culture reference from your generation here.

We shouldn’t be trying to eliminate the need for code, but we can use tools like Wappler to help us build lightning fast with only a basic understanding of the coding parts.

Go here, spend a week going through the free courses, thank me later when you come back and actually understand how Wappler works.

P.S. I’m still learning myself and I’m a coding beginner. If anyone if interested in setting up a weekly group session on discord or Telegram or whatever to learn together and share our experiences, say “AYE” like a pirate and I’ll set it up.

P.P.S. I’d also recommend learning basic Bash for terminal use to be able to set up your own Linux server when you decide to properly deploy your project. That’s also available on Codecademy

EDIT: changed the above P.P.S. to Bash instead of Python to correct a mistake

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