2 different 'time' query results between staging and production?

Hey All,

Just a general question here as to why i might be getting two different results from a certain time field returning from a postures query between by staging and production environment?

Staging is returning:
end_time: "17:00:00"

and Production is returning:
end_time: "17:00:00.000Z"

In the database, the time reads “17:00:00” and this is what should be displayed. Adding the timezone element at the end stops it from being displayed/recognized in the input filed in the front end

They are the exact same DB fields, same datatype (Time, 6 characters), same query same everything…

But for some reason, the production query is adding the timezone element.

Any ideas?

Naturally i can add some formatting in the query…but this shouldn’t be happening anyway :slight_smile:

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