Amazon S3 throwing Error 500 on "random" Images, so not all of my pics appear

Live site:

This screen SHOULD show 10 thumbnails.
They are “generated” by the S3 “fit-in” Cloud Formation/Lambda directive.
But I’d bet you won’t get all 10 images.
Some thumbs will be missing/broken links due to an Error 500 (see Chrome Inspector)

If you COPY that URL (from the 500) you can paste it in a new tab and you’ll get a thumbnail. No error. Refresh the page and it prolly still won’t show.

Try one of the other events (from the pulldown) and you’ll get many missing images, all due to http error 500.

If you click on any record, you’ll see additional images generated for 300x300 size. These work fine. And there’s a Lightbox that shows bigger images (although there is some bug and images repeat - I think due to the fact that there’s ALSO a lightbox on the OffCanvas page, but I’m using different group names, but I still think thats the issue.)

My biggest issue is with these main thumbs.

Thx and Happy Monday!

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