Anyone using Stripe tokenized charging?

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone here has built an Wappler app that uses Stripe for on-demand charging?

Like, you store in your database a charge authorization, and then whenever the user clicks “Charge me now” you ask Stripe to charge $10

Usually it works like this:

  1. First payment/get authorization: Redirect user to Stripe to insert card details
  2. Stripe redirects back to your website once succesful, and you store a token in your DB
  3. You show a button “Charge me now”
  4. User clicks the button, Wappler app goes to DB and fetches the “token”
  5. You ask Stripe to charge $10 to the user with a given “token”
  6. Maybe next week the user wants to deposit more funds, so he/she clickes “Charge me now” again, and we jump to point 4

In my case I want to build a custom billing solution instead of relying on Stripe’s subscription. I need the flexibility to change the charge amount, and I charge (e.g.) day 1 of every month without user intervention

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