Best way to implement mobile number and OTP login

I have seen this:
And this: About OTP with Security Login Action Steps
And this:

I understand how to create a normal, traditional login process with Wappler. What if I want to customise it? For example, I want to build a mobile number and OTP based login, without any password at all.

The “Security Provider” setup and the “Security Login” step in Server Connect expect a password field. I could use the OTP field as the password field. But I have 2 OTP fields in my table, storing the last 2 OTPs sent, and I want to validate against either of them.

So, basically, I would like to control how to validate the credentials, using my own DB query, and then I would like Wappler to do the actual login / session creation / JWT creation / cookie setting process. How do I achieve this?

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