Blog Tutorial Needed!

I agree with some other comments that you don’t have any Tutorials that match the hype about Wappler being All Visual development with all kinds of connections, extensions, etc.

When it comes to the something other than a static website you have nothing that I can find that steps one through the Logic & functions needed for even the simplest Blog project.

I thought the “Tutorial” on building a Booking website using a booking calendar would give me some hints, but all I found was some illustrations about embedding a booking calendar extension into some pages.

That entry was useful for getting familiar on how to put some extensions into a page using Wappler but didn’t contain the actual Programming functionality necessary to make a working Booking website as they are commonly constructed.

I was hoping to see an overview of the Functions & their logic that interfaces with a dynamic database to react to all the typical situations & conditionals needed to make a dynamic web site that really acts like an application.

Creating a Blog site can not be done with Wappler by just dragging things into a page.
The whole range of Interior functions that interact with a database to create a blog need a logistic framework handled by JS , php, mysql, queries, CSS, etc

I have lots of experience with using & integrating those when the previous developer had already defined & written code to handle all the necessary steps from A to Z.

But I bought Wappler so I could move up the learning level and implement development from scratch.

I would learn most with a Tutorial building a clone of common Web apps so that I can see the logic & flow of processing text, images & data.

I hope some of the most experienced people I see listed can help us semi-newbie developers discover what we can do with Wappler that approximates sophisticated web apps.

Thank you for reading this “whine”!

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