Build and deploy realtime on server

I’m starting to build with Wappler and used Wappler a few versions back. (1.0 probably)

At this moment I’ve made a connection to my webserver and Database (Same Location)

2 questions:

  1. I see my Database (connect fine) I made a Dbase Query, but i DON’T see my data-action under DATA and therefore can’t select this.
  2. On my server I see Directories dmxAppConnect and dmxConnect. Where do I store my pages? and can I upload these from within Wappler?

I’m using PHP with MySql on an external Server.

Thanks in advance for the support.


After wanting to delete the API I was asked to save or not. After saving the Dbase Query is found. So Solved

Q2: Pls anyone know the answer?:wink:

Q3: Would it be better to make VIEWS in the Dbase (Is what I’m used to) or make query in Wappler? I geuss this is action on server or in software (Page)


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