Capacitor or Cordova and databases

With the update to the latest version 5.3.1 and consequent improvements of Capacitor, I’m trying to understand how I can best use Wappler to create iOS and Android Apps
I’ve set up a new Mobile App project with Capacitor following Teodor’s instructions, and everything seems fine; both iOS and Android are installed correctly with System Check

I state that at the moment my interest is to create Mobile Apps that use the data present in existing websites (some on Server in PHP and others on Cloud in NodeJS) that use MySql databases

Here are some important questions:
1- For my needs is it better to use Cordova or Capacitor?
2- Is it better to set Bootstrap or Framework for my needs?
3- To use the data present in the mySql databases of the reference sites in real time, how is it better to do with PHP and/or with nodeJS?
4- Using SQLite is it possible to populate it with data from the mySql database?

Thank you

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