Changes to Flows?

Has something changed with Flows contained within a page? We have a Project that has been using DataTables for over a year, and after the recent update our Flows are not running correctly. There has never been a problem with this previously. With the DataTables we call a Server Action for the data, then on Success it triggers a Flow (to initiate the DataTable) for the DataTable table data. Now we are seeing a delay every five or so page loads which results in an issue whereby ‘No data available in table’ is displayed above the results of the table, which is populated, but is not triggering the Flow correctly, thus DataTables does not function correctly… When we revert to a backup of the Project it works correctly. We just can not pinpoint the issue. It seems the Flow is delayed for some reason? This is intermittent, there are no errors in the console displayed either. Like I say everything works in the backup Project, which was created prior to the most recent update…

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