Comma-separated values from Dynamic Multi-Choice Checkbox Solved


I am here to post my Solution in case I need to come back here in the future and remind myself of what I did in August 2022!

I posted heavily in the past week trying to solve my problem regarding a Checkbox Group that allowed the user to check more than one option. More specifically I needed to get those checkbox choices, each ,separated, by, a COMMA into one table field.

No doubt everyone was baffled why this was so hard for me to solve.
So many different ways to solve it! Which is mostly why I struggled.
I’ve done this so simply in PHP over the years. But I now need to use Wappler functionality.

Some kind forum users responded with their recommendations:

  1. I should create a $_POST repeat action that looped around and gathered up the multiple checkbox values contained in (example: $checkbox[] ) and manipulate the values with a split(’,’) followed by a SET_VALUE action step to regather those values into one string of values,separated,by,commas. THEN Execute my Form Server Insert action.

  2. Another recommendation was that, of course, I needed in the checkbox form itself to specify the same value name with a []
    as in


because that is the standard syntax in html to create an array of all checkbox options the user selected before submitting the form.

  1. Other users pointed me to tried-and-true checkbox code, I mean it IS a very simple solution used over & over with no hassles.

I replied that those solutions were hard-coded.
They could not work for me because I wanted to create a dynamic checkbox form that would write in as many checkbox options as were saved in a devoted options table source, rather than manually type in a hard-coded form for each checkbox group with different options.

Thankfully, I found my checkbox group solution using the dynamic logic built into Wappler. What I realized is that I was NOT creating an ARRAY.
All I needed was a String. Trying to process it as an array inside value[] was an overkill leading to String Conversion errors.

SO I, by my usual try-fail-fail . . . Method this morning FOUND a Solution. Simple.

“Gefühle” is German for “Feelings”.

 <div is="dmx-checkbox-group" id="gefuehl_1_values" class="checkbox-group">
<label for="inp_gefuehl_1">Gefühle</label>
 <div id="repeat_get_gefuehl_1" is="dmx-repeat" dmx-bind:repeat="">
<label class="form-check-label">
 <input class="form-check-input" dmx-bind:options="" optiontext="gefuehl_value" optionvalue="gefuehl_value" type="checkbox" dmx-bind:value="gefuehl_value.split(',')">{{gefuehl_value}}</label>
 <input type="text" class="form-control" id="assoziierte_gefuehl_1" name="gefuehl_1" dmx-bind:value="gefuehl_1_values.value">

Developer Tools shows this Request to the server.

Comma separated checkbox string arrives in the data table.

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