Database bindings

First off, I come from dreamweaver and I am very used to that kind of coding.
When I had set up a record set I could use those elements in the page to my liking.

Here in Wappler it’s a bit different I think…

I cannot find any code that represents the content of a recordset field.

There are generated tables. But the cel doesn’t have the field code in it. It is bound to the cell parameters.

When I place a paragraph and double click the text I see a binding button.

But when I place an image and want to set the source to a recordset field, I cannot find a data binding button.

So what is the wappler way of doing these things?

I guess I miss the freedom to use the fields data in the code editor and don’t understand where to find all the bindings to the fields of the server connect results.

Hope I made myself clear…?

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