Database disappear in prod and rolled back 3 months ago in dev

Wappler Version : 4.7.3
Operating System : macOS BigSur - Version 11.6
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: Postrgee 11.1.X
Hosting Type: Docker (AWS EC2)

Expected behavior

My WebApp under construction was running perfectly on Localhost

Actual behavior

What actually happens?
I ended working on a page coding last scripts and forms. Everything was OK.
I GitHubed my project.
I reopenned my project to look after my remote target settings because i had no DB…
DB disapeared form my remote target and rolled back to first version (3 months ago) on my Development target.

How to reproduce

I have no idea what happened and can’t work anymore on my project.
Should I create a new “fresh” project using my GitHub files?
Don’t know how to do that (never done before)?
I GitHubed my work every days…
Should I re-install Wappler before?

Many thanks for your feedback.

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