Database - how to set the project settings remote database as the default to be used with the remote database

Been using node an docker for a while now and after many years using Wappler I still cannot get my head around using local and remote databases.

I setup a php project with local docker container for web and database which works as it should.

Then I setup a remote target with it’s sftp and database settings in project settings.

When publishing the site to remote target I see the database being used is the local docker db and obviously nothing works

In database connections tab I setup another db connection to the remote server, just in case I could find a way to switch to it, but no idea how to make sure the right connection is sent to my remote server.

Maybe I am thinking is a too complicated way (Which I doubt :crazy_face:) but there must be a very logical basic way to make sure a connection is associated with a target?

Anyone cracked the code?

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