Design view inheritance rules - what are the good practise?

in what order should one work with design views and breakpoints ?
I see that inheritance goes from mobile to desktop but what about the responsive one ?

At first I’ve created a responsive grid in the responsive design view - works like magic.

Now I’ve wanted to specify on other design views what should change with the columns (size,order,offset etc.) so I’ve started with mobile design view first.

After I got through other design views I came back to responsive one which looks now totally different.
But when I change it - it changes the mobile one also.

On mobile view I like my columns arranged horizontally but on responsive I want them to be vertically but I can’t get it what is the best practise ? How to achieve it ?

Even if I start with mobile and go up to responsive then when I change in responsive the mobile is broken.

What I am missing ? I feel like I am in an evil loop :sweat_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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