Digital Ocean App Platform and Security Provider Restricts

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been able to deploy my app onto Digital Ocean’s App Platform. Its connected to an existing Postgres DB cluster that I created thru Wappler DB Manager. My local Wappler target is a Wappler Local Node Server and I manually added the Postgres connection. After changes are tested and pass, I would update Git and that will deploy to Digital Ocean. I can access pages (without access restricts) and update the database tables thru server connect forms.

On my local server, I’ve been able to test the argon login functionality and restrict access to my various pages. It worked with my other configurations as well (docker+droplet). However, when I deploy to the App platform, the page restrict functionality doesn’t work and crashes the app. Maybe I’m missing some packages or modules for the App platform deployment? Does anyone know what the issue maybe? I’ve upgraded to the latest Wappler version (4.6.2) and it still doesn’t work.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Have a great weekend.


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