Displaying User's Timezone Name

TL;DR: get the timezone abbrev and IANA name client-side from App Connect.

I’m building a validated app for user’s that both travel across multiple timezones with the same device and also for users that control other users around the globe. I’m aware that the date&time app component automatically converts user input time in accordance to the user’s current browser settings, but I need to allow users to both be aware of their current timezone setting and to override their current timezone using another and have it persist to their profile.

As a start, is anyone aware of how to format the date returned at the App Connect level to display the timezone to the user? Converting a DB UTC time to display localTime is trivial, but I’m totally stuck as to how to expose the current timezone abbreviation as well. Also, if I could somehow pull the full timezone name, I could then present it to the user as a default and allow them to re-select any of the IANA timezones and recompute the appropriate time via .addMinutes(). But I need a starting point by knowing what timezone the user happens to be in, and not just the UTCoffset as their settings are going to persist long-term (through eventual DST drifts). I do actually need to know the full IANA name (or close to it geographically).

Is anyone aware of how to do this using the current Wappler date formatters? Very much appreciated!

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