Dmx-bind:value not working within a form inside a repeat

Wappler Version: 5.4.2
Operating System: Windows 11
Server Model: Capacitor
Database Type: N/A
Hosting Type: N/A

Expected behavior

The input should display the value from the bind

Actual behavior

The input displays [object Object]

How to reproduce

  1. Create a dmx-repeat and add an input and bind a value from within the repeat
  2. Add a form within the repeat and add an input in the form and attempt to bind the same value as in the input in step 1.

Here’s an example. It shows an input outside of the form and an input & textarea inside the form. All are binding the same value, but only the input outside of the form properly displays the value.

I had a similar issue in Feb 22 that doesn’t look like it was fixed either. Dmx-bind stops working in a repeat

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