dmxRouter has stopped my webapp from routing to different pages?

Hey All,

The other day, when saving my main (layout) page i noticed my webapp stopped navigating to any of the pages like it has been for over a year now :slight_smile:

It was changing the address in teh browser address bar but nothing changed and it didn’t change pages.

I noticed through the git changes that Wappler had added this script into the main page:

<script src="/dmxAppConnect/dmxRouting/dmxRouting.js" defer=""></script>

Removing this script fixed the problem, but everytime i save the main page, it adds it back into the head.

My project is set up as a node JS SPA and up until recently has worked fine.

Can someone help shed some light on this or if its a bug?

I have regenerated the Routing Rules in the routing tab, but that didn’t change anything.

My set-up is 1 main layout page and all the other pages are set up as ‘Content Pages’ with the ‘main’ page as their layout.

Any input greatly appreciated.


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