Get query results into an array

I am thinking of creating a config table to hold various values for the web app making it easier to change things globally later (and the client to change them, too) so I have a simple table containing just a couple of fields - configName and configValue. I will then store things like…

configName: 'admin_email'
configValue: ''

There probably won’t be many records but I will likely be adding to them.

I want to create a query in my globals api to get all the records and store them in an array so I can then use them easily throughout the app.

So the above example could be used like this:


to get the value of ''.

Is this possible or does the array have to be referenced with it’s id, eg. config[1] ?

And if this is possible, what’s the best technique to achieve it and also the most efficient?

I hope this makes sense.

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