Guidance needed - Nesting a repeat region, inside a TABLE

Hi All,

Looking for a little guidance or assurance what i’m trying to do can be done.

I am wanting to nest a repeat region inside a repeat row of a Table.

I have gone through the documentation on I have gone through the Nested Repeat Regions documents but can’t seem to make the instructions work within a BS4 table.

The issue i’m finding is that to nest a repeat region within the table row, you would need to be able to add that AC component, but its not listed as an option of a row inside a table.

Is this doable? If so, where should i be looking to make it work?

Example would be like:

Row 1 - Returns simple query in a table with a few columns
nested row 1 - returns simple repeat query under the above/parent row.

Thanks in adavce.


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