Hashing Passwords in Existing Database

Hi all,

I’ve inherited quite a large database (MariaDB) for a new project, at present the PW fields are all clear text so I’ll need to hash them. On the front-end Im planning on creating a user registration system using hashing taken from the excellent tutorial by @ben - here it is for anyone that needs it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XbObePPYCM

Has anyone hashed clear text password fields on a fully populated database…? I’ve got a rough idea of maybe how to do it but instead of stabbing in the dark I thought I’d put the feelers out to the big guns in this forum :slight_smile:

I guess one scenario would be to fill the PW field with random characters then email out the end users and ask them all to click a reset password link, is this about the best option…?

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