Help needed - problem creating my first project with Node.js

I’m trying to create a new project to use Nodejs. I’m using Windows 10 Pro and Wappler 5.1.2

I configured my server back end and confirmed that the ftp connection works.
Wappler then showed mee this window, asking for a system check:

I clicked on Yes.

Wappler verified that Scoop was properly installed (I had problems the first time and had to disable the Antivirus, because it did not like the command fed to the PowerShell. )

Wappler then installed nodejs-lts (16.17.1) successfully.

Wappler then shows the window below, telling me to install nodejs packages (odd, because it just said that it installed them properly.

I selected “yes” but then I get an error Installing Node Packages.

Is there anything I have to do to make this work? I’m totally stuck!

Here is the full trace of the failed part:
Updating Scoop…
Updating ‘Base’ bucket…

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