Hierarchical dynamic select field

I have 3 tables that are hierarchical of each other Classes is a dependent of Sections and Sections is a dependent of Departments or I can say Department is the parent, sections is a child of department and classes is a child of sections and a grandchild of department.
My question is how do I use a form that will let me conditional select sections that belong to a department and classes that belong to a sections.
So for my example if I select my department as Indoor Exhibit, a new select field would show up with all the sections that have a relation with the department of indoor exhibit and then when I select photo as my section a new select field shows up with all of the classes that relate to the photo section.
Do I this with conditional logic? Is there a way to dynamic show using a query builder based on the previous selected field? Or do I have to have 100’s of conditional logic fields for all of the sections and classes that I have?

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