How do I target by key in a repeat

My situation is, I have a fully dynamic site, with a swiper, the slide needs to be controlled by a bunch of sub navigation, because some things are in different conditional areas I can not target the swiper from my submenus with swiper1.slideTo(1).

instead I need to use something like content.db_repeat_containers.items[3].cond_swiper.swiper.slideTo(1) which works great as long as the swiper is always in position 4 of my repeat, or $key[3]

So I am thinking, is there any way I can use a where to identify the $key?

I have tried a few but can not seem to get the correct syntax for it, just using to console to figure out how to target this thing

dmx.parse("content.db_repeat_containers.items.values($key.where(`a_db_column`, 'isswiper', '=='))")

So in my database I stuck a column extra for this, and in the value of that i set it to isswiper and its the only one with a value at all, so I am hoping I can find th correct value of $key by searching through it.

Sounds easy enough in my head.

Oh and by the way, Merry Christmas

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