How to get an API to return a single number value


I’ve been trying for the past couple of days to get a simple API function to work to no avail. I’m basically trying to rebuild what I have on Bubble in Wappler so these are API calls / formats that are already functioning in Bubble.

I’m trying to call an API from my backend (Xano) that is supposed to return a single number. The API is supposed to take in a business_id and then return the number of active projects associated with that business. The basic setup is below where I set the business_id in the input to a global session variable.

I’ve tried different combinations where I put the business_id input variable under GET, PARAM, and SESSION groups both at the global level and also specific to the API but to no avail.

When I Fetch Schema to test the API (see below), it always generates one of two results: 2 or 4, depending on which business_id value I put in the SESSION variable. However, in the snapshot example, it’s supposed to return 1 not 4. I’ve double-checked Xano as well as Bubble and both return a value of 1 so I can’t figure out why Wappler is returning 4.

When I checked the error status and message generated, this is what I saw: "401: Unauthorized [object Object]. I’m confused because this API works on Xano and Bubble.

To summarize, my questions are:

  1. What am I missing and what’s making Wappler not return the correct number for the API call? Why does it keep returning 2 or 4 all the time but not the correct number.
  2. What does the 401 error message mean? I’m using the authentication token and have setup it up correctly. In fact, I call the auth token the same way for my login flow using the same global variable I’m calling to authenticate this API call.

Thanks for your assistance.

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