How to make a dynamic url?

Hey I have a page where I list all my products, I have a modal that opens when I click a “view more details” button where I show off a swiper gallery specific to that item and some descriptions, etc. That part is all set no worries. Where I am having trouble understanding is how to make it so that my url routing will change to match my item ID.

I don’t even see the options included in this tutorial where for example is shows a section under the server connect for input parameters titled “code” that does not exist anymore, so where do I put my item query to get the id at? I tried using the “URL” option under the app connect but that did not seem to do the trick.

Also the routing options are different now than shown in the tutorial, I tried using a query for the item id and using a route url like /item/?:id/

I am not sure how to make it display something like:


so that people can actually bookmark my item pages, etc
I have spent a dumb amount of time on this problem in particular and I feel dumb since it’s probably something so simple but I’ve been working on this site since November and I’m run ragged. :slight_smile:

Any tips or a few screenshots would be lifesaving, thanks!

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