How to make multiselect with text search using Tagify?

I want to configure Tagify to work like basic Select2 with multi-select.

It means that when input is focused, then the user sees a dropdown of options, but also they can start typing to narrow down the list. And users can’t add new options, only select from available.


I can’t find the exact same configuration in examples on the official Tagify page.

But an example for Text Input Using Custom Suggestions seems acceptable too. Though it shows suggestions not in the vertical list but in the way of tags one after another. And it allows to text custom tag, which is not needed.


But I still wasn’t able to configure it in Wappler.

So at the moment I am using Default mode and “No input” option enabled. That allows you to see all options in the dropdown, but unfortunately does not allow you to type smth in input to narrow down the list.

Is it possible to make configuration I looking for?

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