How to Organize Page Layout

Hi, I am new to Wapler coming from things like Wordpress and Bubble where the page layout was usually done for you. So, I am not sure when and where to use the elements for designing a layout (Header, Main, Section, Footer, Container, Row).

I had been just using containers for everything like shown at but am not sure if/when to use the other options.

Looking at I see the header and nav bar are separate, but I was just putting my nav bar in my header, should my nav bar be in the navigation element and does that then go inside the header or after it?

For main, am I supposed to put one on each page view and then put all the further elements into it? Or is it something I do in the layouts?

For sections, are they meant to separate major parts of the page or used more for things like each heading?

Containers are just divs for when you need to group things right?

In things like the header and footer should I use containers or sections?

Aside is used for things like sidebars right?

Rows and Footers are easy enough to understand.

Sorry this post is a bit of a mess, but I look forward to any help.

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