How to repeat data in JSON?

I feel like I’m close but the data is not repeating.

This is the data stored in a JSON field within the database.

    "Body": [{
            "name": "slender",
            "amount": 7496,
            "parentName": "Body"
        }, {
            "name": "sturdy",
            "amount": 2500,
            "parentName": "Body"
    "Gender": [{
            "name": "female",
            "amount": 4999,
            "parentName": "Gender"
        }, {
            "name": "male",
            "amount": 4997,
            "parentName": "Gender"

This structure returns the first name value, but not the second name value. Any ideas why?

            <div class="row" is="dmx-repeat" id="repeat1" dmx-bind:repeat="" key="id">
                <ul dmx-text="checkboxes.Body[0].name">
                    <li dmx-text=""></li>


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