How To Retain Filters Across Pages

I have a NodeJS SPA with 1 layout page & 2 content pages.
Both content pages have a table with sortable headers and a search input.
All of the values, including search, are configured using on-page Query Manager, and bound to the server connect using,, etc.
Similar setup is on the second page, where bindings look like,, etc.

SC on both pages are on auto-load - so that page changes and sorting changes & search all work seamlessly.

Now, if I change offset to say 3rd page on one content page, and then click on a link to go to second content page, SC of current page gets fired without offset param even though the user is redirected to second page.

Same behaviour continues when moving between pages.
This leads to too many wated API calls to SAs, which have no value.

How to handle this?

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