Input Randomly Not Responding to dmx-on:updated

I have an input like this:

<input novalidate id="i_contact_search_name" name="contact_search_name" type="text" class="input_search" placeholder="Contact name or email..." dmx-on:updated="{})">

And the flow it runs just invokes a large server action that looks like this:

<script is="dmx-flow" id="flow_search_contacts" type="text/dmx-flow">{
  run: {
    action: "{{search_contacts.load({in_test_mode:, is_deleted: i_contact_search_deleted.checked?1:0, name: i_contact_search_name.value, activity: i_contact_search_activity.value, contact_tag: i_contact_search_contact_tag.value, region: i_contact_search_region.value, gender: i_contact_search_gender.value, age_range: i_contact_search_age_range.value, activity_type: i_contact_search_activity_type.value, activity_tag: i_contact_search_activity_tag.value, activity_region: i_contact_search_activity_region.value, brand: i_contact_search_brand.value})}}",
    name: "search_contacts"

I’m finding that sometimes, after using my app for a while (which could be 10 minutes or an hour or so), the flow just stops triggering when the input is updated.

The rest of the app is running just fine, and all the server connects are working correctly.

I wondered if it is to do with the PHP "session.gc_maxlifetime, but this is set to 8 hours, or 28800 seconds:

Can someone help me diagnose what could be going wrong please?

I am using Wappler 3.9.7.


(The single input I’ve shown is part of a large search function that looks like the image below, and contains all the other inputs referenced in the flow. They all have a dmx-on:updated to run the flow, and they all stop working at the same time…)


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