Installing Wappler on Arch Linux in 2022

I followed Installing wappler on Arch Linux to install Wappler on Manjaro and ran into some issues. I figured out how to solve them so here you go:

  1. Download the .deb from Wappler

  2. Install debtap either via the Aur community repository

or build it from git

  1. Run sudo debtap -u to update debtap’s own repositories

  2. Build the package debtap /path/to/wappler.deb

  3. Press Enter when you get asked for a Packager name and package license

  1. Important: Don’t skip the next step - Choose an editor when you get asked if you want to edit the .PKGINFO and .INSTALL files

  1. Search for depend = gdk-pixbuf>=2.22.0 and remove the line. gdk-pixbuf is covered in the gtk2 dependency so that’s already covered by depend = gdk-pixbuf2. It’s a debtap package conversion issue.

  1. Close and save the .PKGINFO and close the .Install file

  2. Wait until the package got generated

  1. Finally install Wappler: pacman -U path_to_your_package.pgk.tar.zst

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