Make database changes is only allowed on local development targets

  • Allow database schema edits only on local development targets

I would like to ask the community if you like this feature and if it is useful for you?

For me personally, after this update, the Wappler database manager died. I had to go back to the old way of working with the database - phpmyadmin. This was due to the fact that this function slows down the work with the database via the Wappler incredibly (for me personally). I don’t do development locally. For development, I have a separate server that exactly copies the production server environment. This allows you to immediately see how it will look and work in production during the development process. So now, in order to make any edits to the database via the Wappler, I need to switch the target to the local one each time, make changes, upload to the server, and then switch back to the remote target. It’s long and uncomfortable. So I’m using phpmyadmin again. I’m not complaining, because there’s nothing wrong, although it was quite convenient to work with the database directly through the Wappler. I just wanted to find out how others are doing, are there any people who are also uncomfortable working with this feature?

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