MySQL Remote connection problem

I have been battling this for a little over 3 hours now. Enabling everything, increasing timeout limits, allowing world access to my server, and allowing remote IP connection. Still, trying direct connection over Node.js I still get the message

“Error connecting: connect ETIMEDOUT”

I made sure my site URL in project settings tallies with the database, I used the right syntax and tried it backward, etc.

I did everything, increased timeout as George instructed. Nothing worked. I even went to my backend and did multiple tweaking. I tried to connect with my IP, Domain Name, FTP, SSH, and everything out there, and some even unconventional.

I think this is worth looking into considering that a lot of topics exist on this subject and I have seen anyone that provides an actual resolution.

Oh, also let me mention that I searched every topic extensively on the subject in the community before I submitted this post.

Node.js direct database connection does not connect to the MYSQL server on WHM CPanel.

If I’m wrong, please share your step-by-step solution to connect and I will stand corrected.

OH! and when I exported my database to my Xamp localhost, I click connect and Bang! Database Connected, Instantly. Working on my localhost.

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