Need Help Paged Query + various filters

Hi Guys,
I read several posted topics and all wappler docs but can’t find the way to deal with my problem.

Working on my project i need to display results using Paged Query (Limit + offset) AND diferents parameters from autocomplete search input, selects and checkboxes.
(Location, searching on loc_name + loc_description, filtering by location_type, location_zone_id, etc…)

I did tests previously with standard query and filters > OK
Tests with Paged Query only > OK
But can’t succeed in filtering my Paged Query > my SC just load no results as i add condition (contains, equal, etc)
I need to display results even if the user do not specify parameters. Filtering is optional.

Does anyone know how to proceed? or could post me an exemple?

I’m pretty sure it’s not a big deal but i can’t succeed…
Many many thanks.


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