New install help on windows server with node, MSSQL

Hi, doing my first install, but its a bit diff. than what I’ve read on install help msgs.

I’m going to run Dev on a Mac,
but I don’t want local node/docker, etc.

I have a windows 2016 server, with MSSQL.
I have 2 diff. MSSQL databases, one for test and 1 for prod.

I’m wondering if I could install Wappler natively on the server (I access using RDP) and let it create the test/prod environs (still don’t want docker to be put there either) of node.

I installed Wappler dev on the mac, and I can connect to MSSQL because I opened a port on the server.
But it wants to use node locally.

I’m really stuck here.

And also, how will I setup the test/prod environments to the server? Will I call node on a diff. port # based on test or prod?
So node will have to listen on 2 ports and have 2 sets of routes, scripts, etc.?

Hope someone can point me to some install docs that explains this.
Please and thank you!

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