NodeJS best practice for type of database and setup

Hello. I think the implementation of NodeJS is going to be a significant boost for Wappler. I have been studying NodeJS, NextJS, as well as a plethora of IDEs, and development tools. For anyone thinking about using Wappler, this is the perfect combination of using manual programming fundamentals in a visual way. Now that this is out of the way, here is the issue.

  1. During a NodeJS setup in Wappler, what is the ideal database to use (SQLLite, MySQL etc.). I understand some DBs such as Mongo are not (yet) implemented in Wappler.
  2. What is the best practice in developing a NojeJS local development (stagin) environment which will ultimately be deployed on remote servers.
  3. WHat is the best practice in connecting with a remote DB while working on a local NodeJS environment?
  4. What is the migration process for local DBs to a remote server?
  5. How can Firebase / Firestore (and Real Time DB) be implemented?
  6. Lastly, which is the ideal hosting provider. I haved perused Vercel, Netlify and others.

In conclusion, I think Wappler is going be a huge player in the development world, no other IDE or platform comes close to it. It is a classic RAD tool but revamped for the modern world. So one begs the question why do tools like Visual Studio exist and with such a hefty price tag, or Embarcadero tools also with a hefty price tags, I believe it is called billable hours.

There are two types of development scenarios, one where its important to get a project done ASAP and launch to market, the other where writing manual code creates an enormous amount of billable hours, and large companies need to burn money.

Wappler fits in the “ASAP time to market” scenario. Thanks for listening to my rant.

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