NodeJS - Condition Server Side not working. But in PHP it does. Same stucture

Windows 10
Local Dev - localhost3000
Using phpmyadmin for the databse
Wappler v4.4.5

Very reluctant to post in Bugs… but here go again…

I have simple insert into a database via a form. And it works well. Both in PHP and Node.
This is without adding the Condition… just a simple insert

Now i add a condition the the api to check the database … if the record is in the database… then it should just ignore the entry… if not in the database it should insert it… pretty simple.


I switched the debug on

Now if I run the script… it gives me a “notification” that is done… even if the entry is in the database… ( so it should not be but “success”

Now the problem comes in… if i remove the entry from the database and press insert it shows “done” but its not in the database at all… So once i add a condition to the insert… it just does not want to do its thing.

I have tested the exact same scenario in php, same form same api structure… and it works…

But now with the same structure on Node… it gets to a point… and then it says Query object object…
Same structures… same database… But the PHP is working for me and not the Node one …

I used just a “bare bone” structure to test this… and remains the same…
Once inside the conditional region … it processes up to a point and then stops…
Browser source code rendered…

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