NodeJS - ID of the last created user returning Null


Wappler v4.4.5, NodeJS, MSSQL

When creating a new user, I’m inserting record for the user_id, user_login and user_password in the User table. user_id in the database has been setup as AutoIncrement Identity field.

In the next step, I’m inserting a new record in another table (UserData table) for the same user_id. To do this I’m binding identity from the previous step via dynamic picker. But the identity field is returning Null value and the second insert record step is failing with an error 500.

These steps had been working okay. I tried creating a new user today and came across this issue. I’m not sure whether this is a bug in the latest version or I’m missing a step to get the last created ID correctly.

Any help in resolving this issue is much appreciated.

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