OAuth2 - back to basics (question)

I’m trying to understand a basic question I have with Oauth2 (PHP model), in this instance working with Azure.
To simplify the most the point I’m stuck at, here is my workflow:

This works well on an initial call, I get the access token from the OAuth2 Provider and can move on to the API action.

However, when the access token expires and I re-run this workflow, expecting to get a new session with the refresh token kicking in, I get this error:
{"error":{"code":"InvalidAuthenticationToken","message":"Access token is empty.","innerError":{"date":"2022-04-13T13:51:33","request-id":"98e8de25-9b84-4a7e-b579-b53054e06e31","client-request-id":"98e8de25-9b84-4a7e-b579-b53054e06e31"}}}

My goal is to have the sessions handled by Wappler rather than storing each token per user, and I fail to find a way to make this work, and based on other examples, I can’t see what I’m doing wrong.

Any help will be tremendously appreciated.

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