Only show data in a repeat from an array

The title might be a little weird here, but what I’m trying to achieve is pretty simple.

I have a simple query that brings back many entries, each entry has its own section in a dmx-repeat. Code snipped:

 <li dmx-repeat:repeattest="">
      <a dmx-bind:href="'"><i dmx-bind:data-feather="" class="align-self-center menu-icon"></i><span>{{projectID}}</span></a>

In this the MySQL query, each column has an ID. Users can select IDs which then get added to array.

Is it possible to make it so the repeat only creates itself where there is the ID in the array?

Using something like <li dmx-repeat:repeattest="" dmx-show="(projectID == **myArrayHere**)"> works, but only for the first ID in the array, and not the rest.

I know I could use filters on the query, but the same serverconnect is used in multiple places for different things, so it wouldn’t be feasible, my only other option is to create similar serverconnects where I need them, but I’d rather do it this way since its much more clean (and less of the same queries)

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