PDF - Steps (that a low code user understands) to create a pdf using a 3rd party

I’ve been using Wappler for a couple of years now and it is an excellent low code development tool. I have for the past year or so been trying to work out how to generate a pdf from a webpage / report that i have created that is built from a significant number (10+) server connects, images and charts.
Whenever the subject of pdf generation is raised in the community it normally gets a response that there are a number of third parties / APIs that will do the job.
An observation is that the experts who respond suggesting 3rd parties seem to be quite expert and at least from my perspective start talking about things that I am not very aware/proficient at. One of the reasons i like wappler and use it is the low code promise but in this case at least my perspective is that trying to get a 3rd party to generate a pdf with data being generated from mysql db queries is beyond my low code capability.

My ask - is it possible for someone to spell out exactly the steps that are required to generate a pdf from a web page that has the following components:

I suspect that if a guide which covers all the steps that a low code user (like myself) can understand and create would remove the background rumble of pdf questions and requests.

As an indication of what Ive tried:

Would really love to find a way to do this.

Thanks in advance

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