Pre-loader - Desktop vs Mobile

Pre-loader - Desktop vs Mobile

My pre-loader works great on desktops and and laptops.
I have 2 divs

<div dmx-show=""> Has content </div>

<div dmx-hide=""> No content </div>

So the pre-loader does it thing… and then only show the DIV with the content as needed and works great on my desktop and laptop.

But on my mobile device it will do the pre-loading
Then for a split second show the … No Content div… then half a second later the content div.
I want to avoid showing the div with “No Content” on mobile… needing the pre-loader to “show” a bit longer before rendering the page.

The question is… is there is way to extent the pre-loader for say a second on a mobile device only?? as a quick solution? As i want all the div’s to load before the pre-loader disappear… seems fine on desktop only on my mobile… @Teodor

add maybe something to add maybe a delay on the dmxPreloader.js on mobile?

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