Query Question: If $_Get is in field

I have a situation where I need the dynamic GET value to be listed first. Right now the GET variable is always 4 digits. The noc1, noc2 and noc3 values can be 1-4 digits. I need to get a list of records that the GET variable contains one of the three values.

For example:

{{$_GET.noc}} CONTAINS c_clients.client_noc1

Is this possible somehow?

I tried this in a custom query but it has Syntax errors of course.

SELECT * FROM c_clients
WHERE client_employ = 'Looking For Work'
AND (:P1 /* {{$_GET.noc}} */ CONTAINS client_noc1
OR :P1 /* {{$_GET.noc}} */ CONTAINS client_noc2
OR :P1 /* {{$_GET.noc}} */ CONTAINS client_noc3)
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