Questions about the Tagify component

I have a superficial knowledge for a full use of Tagify, and I need some clarification

I assume that in a mysql database we have an “articles” table with a “category” text field

To manage the categories of individual articles, we have in the back-end an article list page, a new article insertion page and an update page for each article already present in the database.

In the new article insertion page we have a text field “inp_categoria” which we convert into a tagify field

What I don’t understand is how to use the Data Source
Do I have to create a new table in the database with the list of possible categories to tag, or can I create a query that extracts the categories from the same table as the articles already inserted, grouping categories?

And in any case, if when inserting a new article I do not find a specific category in the list, how can I create a new one, or do I have to add it to an external “categories” table?

I hope I have explained my doubts sufficiently, and I think that probably others could have the same expectations as well
Thanks to those who can answer me

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