Referring to a specific input in a repeat


Is there a way to change the value and text of a specific input in a repeat?

My use case is: I have a form input in a repeat, where I want the value of the form input to be set via clicking a button. Clicking the button will result in a modal pop-up, allowing the user to select a value from a table. The intended functionality is to then populate the input with the value that the user selected.

Is there a way to do this? I’ve managed to set everything else up (modal, table, selecting the data, etc) but am struggling with changing the input as it is in a repeat.

I tested it on an input not in a repeat and that works fine. I’ve tried using a dynamic event on button click to reference the input within the repeat using syntax like “repeat[index].input.setvalue(x)” and also tried to use JavaScript but couldn’t find a way that worked.

Thanks in advance!

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