Remote Docker Target with Generic provider option - Error creating & installing Docker

Wappler v4.9.1, MacOS

I’m trying to create a new remote docker machine with the Generic provider option. I have added a new project target for a Docker remote server. The remote server (running ubuntu 22.04 LTS) has already been created with Linode. The ssh keys and server IP address have also been added locally and connection to the remote server for root user via terminal is working correctly. Ports 80, 443 & 2376 have been opened on the server and firewall rules have been set to allow inbound traffic on these ports in the Linode portal.

When I try to create a new remote docker machine, it comes up with this error:

Error creating machine: Error running provisioning: error installing docker:

It seems there’s an issue with the generation of various certificates required to run Docker but I can’t figure out whether there’s an issue with the remote server setup or something needs to be fixed on the local system.

I have Docker Desktop installed locally. A Remote Docker, which was added with the Generic option a few months ago, is working correctly (Vultr Server).

Any assistance in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.

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