Role access, log system and form in to an wordpress page

I have already sent these questions to the How To team for the video meeting. If I can’t be helped there, I’ll do it again here.

I have the following questions: (I use a wamp server)

1. How can I forward the user to your area after logging in.
And only show them their own content.
I have 4 user groups (role)

For the login process I followed this tutorial:

Here Brian works with two tables for users and roles.

In this tutorial on the subject of “restricted access” just one user table inc. role is in use.

I followed this tutorial for the redirection.

To get the role I use an innerjoin

I try with or without an alias.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work.
I am always redirected to the client page.

My forwarding[0].user_role==‘a’?‘admin/index.php’:‘clients/index.php’
Whether I use “a” or “admin” doesn’t matter.

And only two possible roles are processed here, but I need 4 roles.

2. I need a solution for a log system.
All changes should be recorded here.
[User] on [date - time] changed billing address from [original content] to [new content].

How can i implement that?

3. And maybe you can help me here too.
I run a Wordpress site:
Here I would like to write directly into my project table with the contact forms.
How can I use Wappler forms in Wordpress?

Best regards

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